My sister and I traveled to Kenya for a 10 day safari in September of 2013, and through my many experiences across different continents and with many tour guides - James will always be my favorite! James offered both a personalized and professional experience, and the relationship we built continues today across the world as we stay connected! James and our Driver Peter truly cared about our experience, and went above and beyond to show us the beauty of their country and the animals that we could have easily missed if they did not search and stay out later to ensure we had a once in a lifetime experience! I was in Nairobi starting the tour the day of the mall shooting, and James and his peers kept us updated daily with information from the paper and news, as well as offering us unlimited access to communicate with our families by allowing us to call across the world from his cell phone - for free! James is truly an amazing guide, and what really separates him from others is his genuine care and compassion for the people on his tour, and his passion for the work that he does. James is someone I call a friend now, and he is the only tour guide I will use the next time I am back in Kenya!