We did the 9 day nature/culture + safari itinerary. The first few days were spent hiking in the South Pare Mountains - it was definitely a real African experience riding up the mountain in a packed SUV on rough roads, and the hiking was fairly challenging, but we had some wonderful views of the country and were always well fed. The Kitolie Home where we stayed before and after the trip was great, had hot water and a comfy bed. The coffee plantation tour was fantastic - more of a family operation than a big company, which I liked. Then we started the Safari part, which included Serengeti NP and Ngorongoro Crater. Our guide, Ninah, was superb at spotting animals for us to view, and we got to see many zebra/lion/elephant/wildebeast/giraffe/hyena etc. very close. We chose the tent camping option, so we got to stay at camp grounds inside the parks, which was really awesome. I would definitely recommend the company, especially for the safari portion they did a wonderful job and made sure we saw everything!