My husband and I are just back from threeabsolutely phantastic days to Samburu National Park. As it was our firstsafari, we had some ideas of what to expect, but our expectations have beenexcelled by far. Sami picked us up from the hotel (with a great ToyotaLandcruiser 4x4 - which was very important as it turned out later, as we coulddo so many offroad trails in the park). Throughout the three days, we feltabsolutely comfortable with him and his driving style - just as a side note. Hewas truly knowledgeable about the wildlife and the nature within the park.Also, whenever else we engaged in conversations about life in Kenia, he wasvery open and fun to talk to. Of course, we also enjoyed his fine sense ofhumor! As to the safari itself, we saw a lot of different species. Sami couldtell us many things about their habitat, their life, etc..  Sami made surethat we also got to see the different types of landscape represented in thepark, as he realized that this was of great interest to us, which was totallyamazing. We have travelled already quite extensively different parts of theworld; we have met many local guides through these travels and we can only say:Sami went at great length for us, he made our trip a truly memorable one and weare looking forward to a next safari with him in the future!