Alain was our guide when a friend and I spent six days at Otorongo Expeditions in July 2018. He collected us from our hotel in Iquitos and supervised our jungle experience until he delivered us back to our hotel. As soon as we reached the lodge about 100 km downstream from the city he asked us what we wanted to do and drew up an itinerary that covered everything we wished to experience. My friend is an avid birdwatcher and I was very impressed with Alain's extensive knowledge of the birds in the area and where to find them. He took us fishing and we were highly successful, catching more than enough to feed ourselves. Alain told me he gives jungle survival courses for military personnel and it was fascinating to watch his bush craft. He built a fish grill out of green sticks and cooked our fish to perfection, he found and caught a small caiman in pitch darkness, he showed us river dolphins, sloths and poison dart frogs by day, and tarantulas by night among other activities. Alain filled each one of our days with value and the trip was worth every cent - thanks Alain!