Traveling during these uncertain times requires extra planning and preparation to consider new and changing guidelines that differ by country. After doing our research, we decided to take advantage of the "open" entry requirements in both Turkey and Egypt for a quick Autumn trip to quench our pent up travel desires. Istanbul was simple, as we had been many times before, but heading to Cairo to visit the pyramids took more planning. The team at Amwag Tours was very accommodating on every request as we planned our itinerary and prepared for the unexpected. From the time we were welcomed at arrivals to the morning we departed, every need was met and Coronavirus precautions in place. Our tour guide, Mo, did an excellent job at guiding us throughout the journey, providing a history lesson everywhere we visited and being attentive to our needs as we navigated itinerary changes we were making as we went along.  At every point our small group of friends felt safe while having our Security detail with us at all times. Our drive, Bilal, was also great with driving us everywhere we decided to visit in a new, spacious van.

I definitely recommend the team at Amwag when you're planning on visiting Egypt!