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三年前到埃及来通过国内朋友介绍了爱德先生作为地陪导游,发现是一位中文说的非常流利的埃及人,中文说的比中国人自己还标准。又发现爱德不仅是导游也是埃及考古专家,对埃及7000年的历史,埃及文化,现代经济,政治情况非常了解。。。。其实到一个国家旅行最重要还是当地导游。因为艾哈迈德。爱德我们自己旅行完美了recommend ahmed for any trip in Egypt, excellent 谢谢你 More more right

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About Cairo

For Egyptians, Cairo is both the capital city of Egypt and Egypt itself as its Egyptian name ‘Masr’ translates as ‘Egypt City’.
The same can be said of tourists’ experience of this place with Cairo’s insignia - pyramids, camels, sphinx and pharaohs - recognisable around the world as embodying ‘Egypt’ as a whole. In Cairo’s long and fascinating history, the Egyptians were replaced and ruled by Persians, Romans, Greeks and Iraqis before 19th century reformer Mohammed Ali put an end to feudalism and welcomed the spoils of European architecture and cultural influence. A startlingly complete history of the civilizations of the world can be experienced in Cairo, but it is of course the influence of the Ancient Egyptians, with their breath-taking monuments and intriguing belief-system, whose resonance has carried down the ages.
Both the largest city in the middle-east and African regions and the most densely populated, a trip to Cairo can’t be said to be a relaxing one.  Plan your trip with your Cairo travel guide well in advance to make sure you see all of the many ‘must-sees’ Cairo has to offer.

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