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Kenrick (Jungle Boy) is your guide, period. Very knowledgable, very helpful and most importantly, he's the real deal. Don't expect ... More more right

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Me and a Friend made a very pleasent Dschungeltour with him. It was realy comfortable to listen to him, because he´s a native english ... More more right

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Private Tour in Guyana

tourHQ USD 4050

14 Days Nature tour itinerary for Georgetown: Upper Essequibo River. King William Falls Adventure Fishing Trip - Guyana

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We will be undertaking some exciting trips far up the Upper Essequibo River near King William Falls in Guyana in the next few seasons. We will also be leading these expeditions into the jungles of Southern Guyana and are aiming for a max. 8 anglers per group. This remote part of the rainforest has rarely been fished, even by the locals and few, if any white folks have ever been to the areas we will be exploring.  Our mobile camp is set up ... more

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