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Romantic Paris, the jet setter Cote d’Azur, the soaring Alps, ski fields, Alsatian taverns, Champagne and Cognac – the list goes on for travellers looking to hit France with a tourHQ guide this year!

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Rich in culture, food, and beauty, France’s stereotypes are as true as they are enchanting. With every turn worthy of a painting, a stroll through France easily explains the country’s adherence to high-end art. Every square, garden, and café seems the perfect backdrop for a sketch; France’s high cultural concentration effortlessly captures regional art, music, language, and food. Yes, the nation’s food is a majority shareholder in France’s cultural personality. Shopping the markets for fresh produce, lengthy lunches at outdoor cafes, and hot breakfast croissants are staples in daily French living, while fluffy pastries and homegrown wine make frequent, delectable appearances.
As any France tour guide will tell you, tourists have the luxury of relaxing in local leisure or diving into the natural-made adventure. Whether skiing the Alps or rolling down Europe’s highest sand dune, France is a place of exhilaration as much as it is of respite. With a well-balanced persona of chic decadence and traditional charm, there is little reason not to book your trip today.

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