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One great big carnival of blue and yellow, Brazil bursts from the eastern edge of Latin America with gems like Rio and the mighty Amazon. Make the most of it all with a local tour guide in Brazil from

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World’s 10 Best Festivals to Celebrate in 2023

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10 Things You Should Know Before Going to Brazil

There is a lot to see and do in Brazil – here are a few things in advance to prepare yourself for a visit to the land of carnivals, football and beaches.


The 8 Best Locations to Visit for Scuba Divers

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Why Visit Brazil?

Of continental extension, Brazil reserves surprises at every destination. Tourists can enjoy the mountain climate and mountainous areas, beautiful waterfalls, rivers, beaches, plateaus, forests, ...


Why Visit Itacaré?

Itacaré was once a haunt for cocoa farmers. It went into oblivion in the 60's when a relentless plague led to the decay of the farms. It was only rediscovered 40 years later, with the inauguration ...


Why Visit Boipeba & Moreré?

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Why Visit Salvador de Bahía?

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Why Visit Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil?

The cosmopolitan Morro de São Paulo is located on Tinharé Island, 248 km away from Salvador. Morro is one of the most coveted destinations of Costa do Dendê, which has environmental units with ...


Slum/Favela Tourism Opinions

My feelings about visitors to my favela community.


Top Ten Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

On the bucket list of any avid world traveler, here is a quick list of the Top “must See” attractions in this Brazilian hub. 


The amazing Amazon Rainforest experience!

Tours of the Amazon Rainforest are amongst some of the world’s most exciting, captivating and memorable experiences.


The top 10 things to do in Sao Paulo

Here’s a concise Sao Paulo Guide of our ten favorite things to do, to get the essence of this amazing yet colossal Brazilian city. 


The Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is truly a beach lover’s paradise city. Go ahead and explore for yourself, the most popular, and most picturesque and hidden-local beaches in this beautiful coastal destination. 


How to enjoy a perfect day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The undisputed global champion of party cities, Rio de Janeiro has been experiencing a surge in popularity as a holiday destination since, oh, say the fifties that is showing no signs of letting up ...


Brazil is a nation of beauty and adventure, thrill and relaxation. Antique colonial provinces sit amongst urban cities thriving with the all-encompassing exhilaration of Brazilian culture. Meanwhile, its’ coast finds hundreds of tropical islands dotted along the country’s shoreline. White sand beaches welcome the warmth of regional sunshine, where crystal clear waters flow over breathtaking coral reefs. Nearby, the Amazon’s rivers welcome kayakers to meander through its’ waters amidst endangered species and tropical plantation.

Don’t let its’ ecological exoticism mislead you- Brazil is as vivacious as it is beautiful, and nothing proves this more than their annual Carnaval. Rio de Janeiro’s yearly festival finds the local sounds of samba beating through the city even more than usual, welcoming residents and visitors alike to its’ vibrant land. As any Brazil tour guide can tell you, tourism is the country’s priority commercial business; budget friendly travel opportunities and luxurious lodgings have made Brazil a universal destination, welcoming all who visit to indulge themselves in the country’s indigenous spirit and stunning respite.

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