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Top 3 places in Japan for a first time visit with the family!

Top 3 places  in Japan for a first time visit with the family!

Though it’s not the cheapest country to visit as a family, Japan is an extremely safe, clean and friendly destination and the country will amaze young children, impress teens and pleasantly surprise adults alike. With a variety of destinations and extremely friendly and helpful locals, you will be glad you chose this as your next vacation spot.

Where are the top 3 places to go in Japan? 


What to see and do: One of Japan’s must-visit destinations, Tokyo is an amazing city to explore for visitors of all ages. With sights such as Disneyland, Disney Sea, the Sea Life Aquarium and Puroland (for the Hello Kitty fans) the city almost seems as if it’s perfectly set up for family travel.

Disney Sea Tokyo

Of course amusement attractions are only one of the many faces of Tokyo- with an amazing bustling downtown area, the very interesting Tsukiji Fish Market, extraordinary hands-on museums (for kids of all ages) and some spectacular temples as well. It won’t be hard to balance history, culture and entertainment while travelling around Tokyo… Just make sure you do your research and plan ahead, keeping in mind which attractions will suit your family the best. Also, if a tight budget is of the utmost importance during your travels in Japan, there are some fantastic free attractions to keep the kids entertained as well (from museums to parks).

Sensoji Temple Tokyo

When to visit: Though Tokyo is a beautiful visit year round, there are two periods you should visit it in. One when the cherry blossoms, sakura, come out which happens in springtime in April. Autumn (September-November) is also an enjoyable time to visit. Light jackets may be required at both times, but the weather is very agreeable for touring the city. 


What to see and do: Another of Japan’s great family destinations, Kyoto will keep both the adults and kids entertained with a vast array of attractions. Tour around the more cultural side of the city with Zen Temples, the Nijo Castle, a delicious Japanese food Market (Nishiki) and the Old Quarter (Gion), where you may even spot an iconic geisha girl. With bicycle tours, a deer park and monkey park where kids can hand-feed the animals, and even the Iga Ninja museum- there’s something to keep the whole family interested and entertained.

Deer Park Kyoto

When to visit Kyoto: Kyoto is enjoyable in the fall (October/November) when days are sunny and warm and nights are cool and pleasant… or spring (March-May) when the plum and cherry trees begin to blossom. 


What to See and Do: Another of Japan’s great cities, Osaka is a very family-friendly place to travel. Kids (and parents, too) will love the amazing Osaka Castle, one of the absolute must-see attractions of the city. Also home to Universal Studios Japan, the Instant Noodle Museum (much more interesting and kid-friendly than it sounds!), Osaka Kids Plaza and a beautiful aquarium, zoo and park- there are loads of kid-friendly backup plans for when they’ve reached their Japanese history/culture limit.

Chicken Noodle Making Class

Osaka Kids Plaza

Best Time to Visit Osaka: All year long! Each season is unique in Osaka, so no matter what time of the year you visit, there will be some great attraction. Whether it’s sumo wrestling in the spring, exotic flowers blooming in the summer, foliage in the fall or the New Year celebrations of winter, Osaka is always beautiful and entertaining. 

How to Get around Japan

When inside the cities, public transport is highly recommended. Japan’s public transport is clean, efficient and easy to navigate, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. Though it’s quite expensive, taking the bullet train or shinkansen is an amazing way to travel domestically. The best option for families and tourists alike is buying the JR (Japanese Rail) Pass, which gives you access to almost all forms of transport across the country. 

A family travel guide to Japan with comprehensively listings from history and culture to modern day adventure parks and newest technologies will make your vacation an unforgettable one!!  

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