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Our tour guide Koichi was amazing. He had excellent knowledge of the history of Kyoto.  He is also a terrific photographer.Koichi clearly loves ... More more right

Review for Koichi Tanaka, Tour guide in Kyoto, Japan

Great knowledge of history , very helpfull in any way. He went out of his way to make our trip to Japan unforgettable.His English is superb. More more right

Review for 昇 長田, Tour guide in Kyoto, Japan

Very lucky to have Yoshi san as our guide who took care of us from the time he picked us up from the hotel until he send us back to the hotel. I'm ... More more right

Review for Yoshi Kirihata, Tour guide in Kyoto, Japan

About Kyoto

The intricate cityscape of old Japan and lively bustle as a modern metropolis make no two days in Kyoto alike. One day’s walk might lead you pass an elaborate temple, while a turn the next day will treat you to shopping sprees at a trendy clothing boutique. As if its’ mix of old and new haven’t already created a city of endless exploration, Kyoto’s culture and make-up changes along with the season; everything from the bakery’s sweets to geisha’s wigs reflect the shifting weather.
Any good Kyoto tour guide will note there’s no better way to see the ever-changing physicality than via bicycle, as the city’s bike paths are extremely user-friendly. If two-wheels seems unappealing, Kyoto’s advanced public transportation system makes getting around easy- just make sure you get around. Whether you opt for a hiking excursion in the surrounding mountains, pursue a flower arranging class with a local Kado specialist, or enjoy a traditional tea ceremony, engulf yourself in this soothing and enticing city’s culture for an unforgettable travel experience. 

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