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About Tokyo

Japan’s capital is like no other city in the world. Manhattan’s bright lights with an edgier culture, the chaos of Marrakech with an added chicness, and the prestige of Paris with a tranquil Asian flair; Tokyo is absolutely dazzling. In a city where sake-driven karaoke and Zen meditation exist side by side on neon-lit streets, it’s hard to imagine a personality Tokyo doesn’t deliver to. Colorful confectioneries sweeten up any visit, while the world’s largest fish market provides the city with picture-perfect sushi. But Tokyo’s beauty doesn’t end with its’ gastro delights; progressive clothing boutiques and extravagant electronic stores entice sidewalk travelers with their innovatively modern designs.
Your helpful Tokyo tour guide will remind you that the city’s advanced public transportation system covers 100 routes throughout the metropolis, taking visitors to its’ oddly artsy red light district and transporting them back to the Imperial Palace’s majestic castle, all in a day. Fear not for the other 364 days- there’s plenty of Tokyo’s treasures to keep any traveller happy. 

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