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Get a tourHQ guide to help you decipher the street food menus of Taichung’s aromatic night markets, the museums and galleries of Calligraphy Greenway and the bustling bazaars that abound.

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Street food is big news in Taichung, Taiwan. With some of the most interesting street markets in the world and a penchant for experimental cuisine and wacky themed restaurants, Taichung is every food-lover’s dream. 
Feng Chia Night Market, the biggest night market in Taiwan, is a fertile testing ground for the most innovative and unusual snacks. Visit Miyahuru (Gong Yuan Yan Ke), a pastry shop in the grand location of a refurbished hospital, for a snack in a quirky location and stop by the Fantasy Shop complex for a taste of the weird and the wonderful. An excellent venue to let all that food digest is undeniably the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, best enjoyed with a cool glass of local Taichung wine.
Your Taichung Tour guide listings will put you in the vicinity of Calligraphy Greenway, a beautiful square of green in the heart of the city that opens up in all directions to museums and galleries, one of these paths going past botanical gardens all the way to the picturesque LiChuan canal. And of course one can’t miss a feel of the energetic vibe of the city at Taichung’s lively nightlife and downtown shopping experience, easily at par with any major metropolis in the world.

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