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From the palm-peppered Gran Chaco to the enthralling city streets of Asuncion, Paraguay offers oodles of Latin history and charm. TourHQ has plenty of guides at hand to help you explore.

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If you’re looking to get off the tourist track, search no further than Paraguay. Smack in the middle of South America is one of the world’s formerly richest countries, a fact that’s changed dramatically after years of war and dictatorship. But all that’s in the past now, and this hidden gem has plenty to offer the traveler with a taste for the clandestine.
A historic capital bordering Argentina on the west, Asuncion is where  Paraguay tourist guides will direct you to first and foremost. Its crumbling facades are colourful in their pastels during the day and lit up on the banks of Rio Paraguay at night. To get a sense of the city, grab a terere (iced herbal tea) under a street side umbrella and share conversation with a local, who are endlessly curious of outsiders that rarely cross their country’s borders.
The steak in Paraguay is also some of the best in South America and produce here is incredibly fresh. Beyond food, luxury travelers can venture beyond the city to see sophisticated towns like Filadelfia or Encarnacion.

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