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A hodgepodge of Belgian, German, French and more, Luxembourg is Europe writ small. Explore its gothic towns and gorgeous backcountry of forests and winding rivers with a tourHQ guide.

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Situated right in the heartlands of Western Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has risen and risen from its independent beginnings as a rural enclave of forest land and farms. It’s now one of the political and economic kingpins of the whole continent, boasting a robust financial sector and a quality of living to match.
Luxembourg’ s UNESCO listed Old Town is the very product of region’s own long, turbulent and metamorphic history; a hubbub of cobbled streets and winding canals that finds its climax in the spires and Romanesque churches of the Ville Haute. Take some time to wander amidst the enchanting streets here, seeking out the open squares and concealed drinking joints, with their curious mix of potent Belgian brews, English ciders and sweet French wines.
Many Luxembourg tourist guides will direct visitors today to the prestigious Kirchberg district, now home to a smattering of the European Union’s most important offices. Others will suggest short jaunts out of town, perhaps to the abbeys of Echternach, or the various WWII battlefields that dot the Duchy’s outskirts.

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