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9-Day Trekking Tour From Dana To Petra
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    Group Tour

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    Nature, Trekking, History

  • Duration

    9 Days

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  • Language

    Arabic, English


Embark on a heritage journey to Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, by following the famous trail of Dana to Petra, chosen as one of the World's Top 15 Classic Trails. Start from the beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve, witnessing the diverse landscape of canyons, deserts and mountains. Explore the structures in Petra, enjoy water sports and sightseeing in Aqaba, and experience the Bedouin lifestyle throughout your tour.

  • Explore the beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve
  • Follow the famous trail from Dana to Petra, sightseeing all the way
  • Enjoy hiking to  Al-Mansoura, Ras AL-Faid and Gbour Al-Whaidat
  • Witness the precious site of Petra
  • See the Monastery and Treasury of Petra
  • Observe the different landscapes of canyons, deserts and mountains throughout
  • Have a great time exploring Aqaba on a yacht
  • Day 1: Amman Tour expand_more
    • Meet the tour guide and explore Amman. The city has so many must-see attractions and things to do that you can easily spend a pleasant day or two. Downtown Amman is a must-see. At the bottom of the city’s many hills and overlooked by the magisterial citadel, it features spectacular Roman ruins, an international-standard museum and the hubbub of mosques, souqs and coffeehouses that are central to Jordanian life. Elsewhere, urban western Amman has leafy residential districts, cafes, bars, modern malls and art galleries; and in earthy eastern Amman, it’s easy to sense the more traditional and conservative pulse of the capital.
    • Pass by the hotel to get rid of your luggage, then head to the east of Amman to see its beauty. We will provide you with a digital map with all the attractions, restaurants, and must-see places.
  • Day 2: Dana Village Tour expand_more
    • Leave Amman heading to Dana. At the top of Dana mountain, Dana village is situated. From Dana village, a trail goes between the mountains looking over the long valley of Wadi Dana amidst splendid sandstone scenery and diverse landscapes.  
    • Follow the path going up, then down to Ghuwair valley, then up again to eventually arrive at this amazing view over the area and spend the night there.
      • Dana is Jordan’s largest nature reserve, covering some 320 square kilometres of spectacular mountains and wadis along the face of the Great Rift Valley. From scorching sand dunes in the west to cool mountaintops in the east, the Dana Biosphere Reserve is home to a great variety of wildlife. There is plants and animals characteristic of a true desert, of Mediterranean forests and of the dry plains of Russia. In fact, Dana is really a melting pot of species from three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. 

    Distance: 16.5 km

    Time: 7 - 8 hours

    Physical challenge: Moderate

    Trail challenge: Moderate

    Elevation gain: 745m

  • Day 3: AL-Mansourah - Ras AL-Faid expand_more
    • Head up for a couple of kilometres, a little bit difficult but rewarding, then head more due south on footpaths to walk on the ridge of the western side of Mansourah village, with Wadi Araba and Sharah Mountains to the west, to reach Al-Juhaier viewpoint. 
    • Go downhill towards the Ras Al-Fayed area. We will spend some time seeing the expansive view of Wadi Araba’s watch to the west below. 
    • End the day with a great cup of tea and delicious local food and prepare the camp to stay there for the night.

    Distance: 13.7 km

    Time: 7 - 8 hours

    Physical challenge: Difficult

    Trail challenge: Moderate 

    Elevation gain: 612m

  • Day 4: Ras AL-Faid - Gbour AL-Wohidat expand_more
    • Leave Ras Al Fayed along a rocky sandstone terrain. Throughout the way, see spectacular varying views of the barren desert landscape with surprise encounters of desert vegetation and animal life. On your way to Gbour Al-Wohidat, you'll find yourself walking between deep canyons and blacktop mountains on the Bedouin shepherd trails.
    • Climb up for an hour and keep walking south to see different rock formations, which means that we are getting closer to Petra.
    • After reaching Gbour Al-Wohidat, we will camp there for the night.

    Distance: 15.8 km

    Time: 7 - 9 hours

    Physical challenge: Moderate 

    Trail challenge: Moderate 

    Elevation gain: 659m

  • Day 5: Gbour AL-Wohidat - Little Petra expand_more
    • Head to Little Petra. After leaving the camp, we will start seeing signs of increasing human habitation of Bedouin camps, sheep pens, and small agricultural plots; you can gain an impression of the living environment of part of Jordan’s population. Then will start heading up towards the Beihdah area.
    • Enter a small sandstone canyon and wind our way through to the site of Beihdah.

    Distance: 14.8 km

    Time: 6/7 hours

    Physical challenge: Moderate 

    Trail challenge: Moderate 

    Elevation gain: 561m

  • Day 6: Petra via ‘The Back Door’! expand_more
    • Go pleasantly down Wadi Ghurab amidst sandstone mountains guarding the approaches to Petra. This way follows a Nabataean route out of the valley and skirts around the final mountain on a natural rock terrace, which has been ‘improved’ by the PAP for the safety of walkers. Even so, it still narrows slightly before reaching a hidden plateau high above the impressive chasm of Wadi Siyyagh. Just beyond, carved into the cliff face, ‘The Monastery’ suddenly comes into view. (Bedouin café). Nabataean steps then lead down into ancient Petra, through which the route goes before exiting past ‘The Treasury’ and through the famous ‘Petra Siq’ to the shops, cafés and hotels of Wadi Musa.

    Distance: 14.7 km

    Time: 6/7 hours

    Physical challenge: Easy

    Trail challenge: Easy

    Elevation gain: 762m

  • Day 7: A Day to Relax expand_more
    • Leave Petra, heading to the waters. Aqaba is a great place on the Red Sea, at all times of the year, for water sports activities and relaxing under the sun after your great adventure.
    • Have the rest of the day to discover Aqaba souks and restaurants, and try red sea fish meals the traditional way.
  • Day 8: Cruise Tour in the Red Sea expand_more
    • Catch the yacht cruise and join them in their adventure of diving and snorkelling in the gulf of Aqaba.
    • Have the rest of the day to discover Aqaba souks and restaurants, and try red sea fish meals the traditional way.
  • Day 9: Departure expand_more
    • Leave Aqaba before 8 hours of your flight time.
What's Included
  • Airport meet and assist
  • Airport pick up
  • Private new vehicle with driver - AC - WiFi - Complimentary water
  • Accommodation in all the mentioned places
  • Hiking guide for the whole trip
  • Wild camping for 3 nights
  • A local guide to Petra - back trail
  • All mentioned meals
  • Yacht cruise with lunch in Aqaba
  • Airport drop off
What's Excluded
  • Any personal expenses or gifts
  • Petra by night
  • Water sports or diving in Aqaba
  • Aqaba tour
What to bring
  • Extra clothes 
  • Medium-size backpack 
  • Water pack (highly recommended)
  • Snacks 
  • Sunglasses, hat and sunblock 
  • Power bank and chargers 
  • Trekking poles 
  • Headlamp
Know before you go
  • Jordan is full of wonderful hiking trails, mountains, and canyons, and we will explore the best hiking trail In Jordan in 9 days (75 KM). Dana to Petra has been chosen as One of the World's Top 15 Classic Trails, as per the National Geographic. The trek starts from Dana Biosphere Reserve; it's an ancient village located at the top of a mountain overlooking Wadi Araba. The trail was used before to transfer between Dana and Petra and other parts of the Nabataean kingdom. You'll walk on a 5000 years trail and live as they lived, within the same walking distance and the same quietness. You'll reach the lost city of Petra after four days of walking between the coloured mountains, deep canyons, desert and rock formations; You'll spend your days living a complete Bedouin lifestyle, from the food and stargazing nights to the fire cooking and searching for a water source. However, you'll be supplied with all of your needs, water, food and tents.
Meeting Point

Paris Square, Amman, Jordan

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 50% of the tour price.
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1 To 15 USD 1900 Per Person

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USD 1900 / person

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