I had booked Nuwan for 12 days in February.  His Pre-trip comms were very good including WhatsApp messaging.  He agreed to get us 1st class train tickets between Kandy and Nuriya Elyia.

On meeting him for the first time, he was keen to take the remainder of the payment for the tour although less keen to accept payment by Credit card.   He eventually took payment by Credit Card.

After taking payment, he then informed us that his Mother was in ICU (with photos to prove it ?!?) and that the first three days of the tour would have to be done by his friend Tushara.  He then was dropped off at his house and I never saw him again.  The whole 12 day tour was done by Tushara,

So it is difficult for me to review Nuwan as I only saw him for three hours.  However he was able to converse with Tushara  and give him advice.  Tushara is a lovely bloke who did his best, but his english is limited and not as good as Nuwans.