We booked Sisira 4 months back for a travel in August and our trip started with a surprise. He sent a driver to pick us up and were told that Sisira had a family urgency due to which he couldn't join us for the trip. Later we found out that he is attending a family marriage, something which cannot be urgently planned. The driver knew the route and places well but he was not a tour guide and didn't show any interest in explaining us about the places of interest and was more concernced about his own convenience.  Our second surprise was waiting for us in Ella where Sisisa made the booking for us in a so called best view hotel , which had the shittiest of rooms . Unfortunately, we couldn't find any other place at the last moment and had to spend our nights  in rooms with no AC or fans, thanks to this con.  Don't trust this person as  he can con you with his humble behaviour and you end up spoiling your whole trip like he did with us. To get more details, please reach out to me at libranbhuvan@gmail.com.