Dear friends, I express my sincere thanks to Marlene and Johan Human, our professional guides and, already, South African friends. I could say that they are excellent guides, they are ... they have been 40 years dedicated to Safaris all over Africa: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, etc, etc ... we have lived very nice moments with them, but What I really want to expose is the personal value of both. They are of those people who give everything without expecting anything in return, who are mobilized by you without knowing you, who travel kilometers to help you without looking at anything else, who are looking for a supermarket where there is gluten-free food so that you can spend the best possible stay in your country. This is not paid with anything and is a value, not only professional but also personal, that I appreciate and admire. From our little corner of southern Europe, Seville, I express my thanks to this couple!I hope we can continue to share great moments together united by our passion for wildlife.