We loved our visit to Vinales, especially the horseback riding. That said we were disappointed with the so called visit to the tobacco, coffe,e and honey farms. When we arrived (they did a great job setting up transportation for us to Vinales), we walked to the "farm." Unfortunately, it was not a real farm at least not what we expected. First, we met with a woman who explained about coffee and honey and then essentially attempted to sell us these things. She explained that the bees were too far away so we couldn't visit the honey farm. We then moved one table over where a man explained tobacco, lit a cigar for us, and then sold us over-priced cigars. 

After that, we walked to the horses and spent the rest of the day horseback riding out to a lake to have lunch and swim. The lake was more like a pond and I would not recommend swimming in it.  The best part of the day was the beautiful scenery and the horseback riding and being free to really ride and enjoy the horses and spectacular scenery.  The way things were advertised, we thought we would be horseback riding from coffee to honey to tobacco farms.  It would have been a far better experience had we been able to visit the farms. We know this is possible as we spoke with other travelers who did get to visit actual farms and tour them while learning about how the process on each farm works. Our guide (who was not named Benito but looked a lot like Leonardo Dicaprio) was fantastic and accommodating. Unfortunately, this felt more like an opportunity for them to sell us overpriced, coffee, honey and cigars!!  If they took people to the actual farms, guests would have a more enjoyable experience and probably end up buying more of what they were trying to sell.