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About Cuba

In Havana, clusters of 1950s US Cadillacs cruise up and down the Caribbean seafront boulevards, while in the backstreets the sounds of salsa and samba issue forth from the paint-peeling façades of old cantinas and rum bars, twisting and turning in the hot, tropical air. Away from the city, palm trees and dune shrubs sway in the wind and the sleepy beaches of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula still echo with pirate legends and colonial mystery. This, is Cuba.
But, while simply soaking up the atmosphere of this heady and happy country is enough for most, no truly interested traveller should miss the UNESCO Site at Trinidad, a sprawling relic of the old Cuban sugar trade, while most Cuba tourist guides will recommend at least a short trip to the famous hills and waterfalls of mountaintop Soroa.
For foodies and fun lovers, the bars, cigar sellers and curious amalgam of European and Latin cuisine that’s touted by street sellers in the capital will no doubt be a major draw, while for those in search of a little rest and relaxation, let’s not forget the beaches; Cuba is, after all, in the Caribbean.

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