On the day that Kaleem was with us, he did an excellent job. He was a good at communicating information and laid out 4 days of detailed sightseeing and touring with him via the TourHQ chat. This was exactly what we wanted. He arranged a car and driver and we verified with him several times about meeting at the hotel and other important details. In person, Kaleem is  professional and knowledgeable with great skills as a guide. He knows the city well.

The problem was that Kaleem told us in-person on Day1  that he would not be with us on Day 2 (in Agra) and did not have a tour guide arranged for us on  Day 3 + Day 4!! My family was not happy about this; we planned this activity weeks in-advance and had we known this, we could have made other guide arrangements.  Fortunately, Kaleem had arranged an excellent guide (Sumit) for us  when we went to Agra on Day 2; that was fine. But we were very  concerned about only having a driver (no guide) on Day 3 and Day 4 in this large city---this was not what we had agreed on during our previous communication thru TourHQ. That presented a real problem. Kaleem should have told us this in-advance. Instead, he thought that "just a driver" for Day 3 and Day 4 would be ok. This was not good because we gave a deposit based on having Kaleem as a guide for 4 days, plus a driver and a car for 4 days! After much discussion, Kaleem reluctantly agreed to provide a guide for Day 3. We had to scramble to find an activity on Day 4---which we were not originally prepared to do. But we managed.

Bottom line: Kaleem could easily have been 5-stars had he been up-front about not actually being our guide the entire time––and thinking we could get by for 2-days with just a driver!  For that reason, we decided to rate him at 3 stars.