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Alec was a great local guide.  Very easy to understand and coordinated well with our driver.  He provided interesting ... More more right

Review for Alec Lobo

We had an Amazing guide and driver for our trip from delhi to Agra. They reply very fast.Everything was Perfect !!! More more right

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About India

The air of romance, mysticism and spices that comes to mind when one thinks of India makes it one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the world. And the very next thought is of the Taj Mahal, justifiably one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Marvel at the lavishness and beauty of this tribute of love by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife. The river Ganges offers an insight into the spiritual connection of this holy river into the everyday life of a Hindu…right from birth to cremation! Sit by the river at dusk watching the boats go by as your personal tour guide regales you with stories from Hindu mythology that take you back in time!

Architecturally, India is brimming with a multitude of temples, churches, mosques and palaces that delightfully vary in design as you move geographically (from south to north India) or through timelines over centuries (from one dynasty to another to the British period when India got her freedom in 1947 to become a democracy). The same can be said of the cuisines as well as art forms, be it dance, music, painting; get ready to be overwhelmed by the heightened sense of smell, tastes, sounds and visual diversity of it all. Relax in your India sojourn by a beach in Goa or take that peaceful boat cruise over the backwaters of Kerala. Couple it with a traditional ayurvedic massage or a yoga session for a day of perfect bliss! To get a glimpse of the more modern cosmopolitan India, there is young Bangalore, the software capital energised by young professionals. Fast paced Mumbai, the capital city Delhi and old world Calcutta will also be recommended by local guides as must visit places!

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