To whom it may concern :

we have spent our holiday in Israel this year and we had Michel for two days as a guide in our native language (Flemish).

In one word about Michel : WONDERFUL ! He has a very broad knowledge about Israel and its cities, about the history, about the culture, about the habits...

Michel is also honest in his explanations and respects also other cultures or other points of view.

We could not have had a better guide. Michel is a very nice person to be with. The first day, we visited together the old city of Jerusalem and on the second day, we were on the Mount of Olives, Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea.

In Masada, at +40°, Michel clothed himself in Herodus, just to make his guiding feel more real ! Incredible!!

We have a major respect for Michel and cannot thank him enough for the more-than-splendid job he has done !!


Ine and Dieter

Pepijn and Phelix