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About Israel

Even the most well studied tourists find themselves surprised by Israel’s enchanting nature. While biblical history is nationally present and unexpectedly captivating, Israel’s attraction extends far beyond its’ Holy Land title. A picturesque day in the desert is matched in exoticism only by a float on the Dead Sea, whose high salt content makes standing upright near impossible. More inland, the weekly Sabbath peacefully freezes Jerusalem in time and draws all from its’ car-less streets to bustling parks. Meanwhile, the coastal beaches of Haifa are as lively as they are breathtaking. And when the sun sets, Tel Aviv transforms from luxurious resort getaway to heart stopping, all-night party town.

Beyond its’ extensive realm of entertainment and culture, the state’s most intriguing facet lies in its’ people. For even the worldliest of travellers would be hard pressed to find a people with more national pride and community strength than the Israelis. In a state whose young people suffer wartime traumas with more regularity than imaginable, life seems to beat through the country’s veins with an energetic gusto inexplicable via secondhand description.