Thet Thet was our guide for 2 days in and around Bagan. Her knowledge of Bagan and its history is astounding. She has also given us very interesting information about contemporary life in Myanmar. It was not just dry facts, but also the peculiarities of local life. For example, obsession with astrology. Or naming the people of Myanmar.

She's fun and smiling forever. It is very tactful and unobtrusive. Helpful and helpful. Beyond the agreed two-day services on the third day she got up early in the morning and personally escorted us to the railway station. She helped us buy a train ticket and escorted us to the wagon.

During our stay in Myanmar we had three private guides. The others were also very good, but Thet Thet was the best of them. Actually, when I think about it, she was probably one of the best guides I had on my travels around the world. And I've passed dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and both Americas.

Thanks, Thet Thet ...