Mr Tripathi is the best travel guide that I have ever had the pleasure of showing me a city. Having never been to Delhi before I was very lucky that a friend was able to recommend and put me in touch with Mr Tripathi who over two days showed me the city. He is a very kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable man who not only showed me the main sites, but also took me to places that most tourists would not see. On the first day we did a walking tour of the old city and I was taken to a very old Sikh and Hindu temple as well as being shown around the markets and shops in the alleyways and lanes of the old city. Mr Tripathi then took me by tuk-tuk to India Gate and the parliament house, as well as Gandhi’s Delhi residence and the scene of his assassination. I was also taken to a market selling traditional Indian wares. On the following day we ventured to Qutub Minar where Mr Tripathi explained to me the history of the site. He then took me to an ancient Jain temple and a Muslim mosque, where we were able to enter the inner sanctum. Mr Tripathi taught me a lot about the various religions of India, as well as a lot about Indian culture and life itself. There is no doubt that the highlight of my trip to Delhi was spending two days with Mr Tripathi. He is punctual, very easy to get along with and knows what he is talking about. When, I return to India, as I surely must, I will definitely be giving Mr Tripathi a call. Mr Lee Bennett