The highlight of my trip to Kathmandu was the sightseeing day tour (4 UNESCO heritages). Traveling alone across the globe from Italy, I was naturally cautious but felt safe and had a fun time with the knowledgeable tour guide, Kabindra. He provided spectacular insights into Nepalese history and culture at each of the sights. This scenery and ambiance at each of the sites were astounding, yet still relaxed.

Kabindra and the driver arrived at my hotel in the morning without problems, and from there the entire journey went smoothly. Kabindra's excellent accompaniment to all the sites allowed me to peaceful have a taste of Kathmandu's top destinations in the hustle and bustle of the lovely city. We also enjoyed lunch at a roof top cafe to simultaneously bathe in the picturesque setting of the BoudhanathStupa.

If you're exploring Kathmandu tours on Tourhq either alone in a group, I strongly recommend you treat yourself to this magnificent Kathmandu experience with this tour