We advertised on TourHQ.com for a unique 1-day altitude acclimation training hike at ANP and an opportunity to climb up to a higher altitude before climbing Kilimanjaro. Nature Bound Africa was the only tour company to offer us a relatively low-cost trip and meet our schedule needs. Eliya at NBA was fantastic with communications and flexible enough to allow us to add an additional person to our initial group of 3 people, making it a 4-person tour less than 12 hours before our scheduled pick-up. NBA provided us with exactly the no-frills training hike as we requested and at a very reasonable price. NBA has English speaking guides and drivers who are very knowledgeable of animals, geography and plants, as well as history of the area. Nature Bound Africa exceeded our expectations and I would gladly use them again as my choice for another custom training hike at ANP. A video of the trip will be posted to my "Bama Hiker" YouTube channel in the future. Signed Bama Hiker