We had the most remarkable city tour with Deepen last week. We’re not a trekker, so this wasn't the purpose of our trip this time. We really enjoyed visiting all the heritage sites and was very lucky to have a guide who was reliable and very knowledgeable. Deepen is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide  (I’ m not kidding ! He did keep talking & explaining at all times .. ha ha ha.. ). We truly enjoyed exploring the kathmandu city. The scenery & landmark was beautiful even though we dealth with  the hot weather at that time. The best part of the trip is we got the chances to meet up with one of the Kumari ( the Living goddess ) and even got the chance to be blessed by her. 

Overall , Deepen made this trip very worthwhile and rewarding and beyond our  expectations. And I would encourage anyone considering a trip with him to maximize their experience. 

All respect for Deepen who does a great job there; a true sample of excellent tour guide!