For many months i stayed in Benares/Varanasi. During that time Mr. Sandeep Kumar Ojha became my personal guide for many behalfs in that jungle of a city. He knows all important addresses in Benares, carried me around on motorcycle, gave perfect advice for the best shopping addresses, where to buy the best quality of products like silk, real sandalwood, best indian food etc. He even took care of me for the time i was seriously ill, he helped me find the best hospital and get medicines and the right food.. and all of this help he offered very generously, without expecting much profit for himself. Thus he also was available as a guide when i german friends of mine needed some comfort and support while visiting this city. He also is a great tour guide, taking care of booking train-tickets, hotels in advance etc. Sandeep is a very trustworthy and honorable friend. with regards, Sascha Eichhorn, Leipzig, Germany.