Awesome!  This is the word that best encapsulates our experience with Iva with our trip through the Balkans.  So I had no idea that this trip was actually possible.  My initial thought was that my family and I would  fly into Bucharest and would be happy to spend our summer vacation there in 2018.  Then I thought that I should go to Bulgaria since it was so close.  Over the years I have used Viator to do tons of tours in countries around the world and so I engaged them to do tours in Romania.  However, to get to Bulgaria it appeared that this would be difficult and I would have to engage someone else or drive myself.  

     Then Tour HQ popped up on my computer screen and I decided to solicite their help in touring Bulgaria.  I never used Tour HQ before and for the hell of it I put out a proposal and sure enough I received some responses, including one from Iva.  I choose Iva simply because that was the name of my grandmother.  My proposal included doing an extremely difficult schedule in a few days.  On the 10th of August we toured Sofia in Bulgaria.  On the 11th we toured Macedonia along with Ohrid Lake and spent the night in Tianna, Albania.  On the 12th we went through Montenegro through Kotor and Budva and then Dubrovnik in Croatia and ended the day in Sarajevo, Bosnia.  On the 13th we saw Sarajevo and then continued to Belgrade, Serbia.  On the 14th we saw Belgrade and continued on to Zagreb, Croatia.  Throughout the tour Iva did all the border crossings with immense ease and was quite knowledgeable on the region.  She was engaged with our safety and security.  Prior to seeing Dubrovnik and Zagreb she took us to the highest points in the area and gave a layout of those cities prior to touring them.  Iva had a professional driver, Tony, who was extremely vivacious.  Everyday Iva and Tony met us promptly at our scheduled time and did everything to make our lives and touring pleasant, engaged, and fulfilling.  Iva highlighted the main and most relevant events at each location that was shown.  I would most hightly recommend Iva and Tony.  As a note, I made all hotel arrangements.  We predominantly stayed at Hilton properties if it was present in those countries.  In Albania the Tianna Plaza was the hotel to stay at since there was no Hilton there.  The Tiana Plaza met all western standards.

     Thank you Iva and Tony!