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About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the few European countries whose old fashioned charm resides comfortably alongside an exhilarating exoticism. With the Black Sea rushing along its’ coastal shores, urban resort regions and quaint beach towns line Bulgaria’s edge. Visitors and locals explore the region via watersports, while sunbathers take in the Mediterranean air. But your Bulgaria tour guide will rightly tell you there’s more to the country than beaches. Seven different mountain ranges beckon hikers and skiers to discover the regions’ most magnificent streams, waterfalls and wildlife. For those less inclined to the great outdoors, Bulgaria’s long history of religious art and architecture are enough to keep any visitor occupied.

When you’re done meandering the ancient ruins and candlelit churches, Bulgaria’s local residents will engage and welcome you. Remember, here a nod means ‘no’ and a shake of the head means ‘yes’, so sticking to verbal affirmation may be a safer bet when communicating with Bulgarian natives. Knowledge of the English language is inconsistently prevalent but most locals speak a second language, such as Russian or Spanish.