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About me

Jakob spent ten years in the outdoor industry working as a ski guide and rock climbing instructor in California and Alaska. After a successful career in the alternative energy industry where he owned and operated a solar installation company he decided to return to the adventure industry and founded Treks and Tracks in 2006. He is certified as an Canadian Level I Avalanche Analyst and certified as a Single Pitch Climbing Instructor by the AMGA. Besides climbing and mountaineering Jakob spends his free time surfing on the California coast.


Treks and Tracks offers various courses and experiences in outdoor activities. Be it rock climbing, backpacking or a navigation course, we strive to offer the highest quality experience to our clientele.

We hold our guides to the highest safety and guiding standards in the industry. All guides are trained in wilderness emergency procedures and professional guiding techniques. With over 30 years of combined outdoor adventure experience, each expedition and class has been carefully crafted to ensure an inspiring experience.

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    Rock Climbing for Beginners & First-Timers

    1 Day

    Experience climbing outdoors on a real rock and learn the fundamentals of climbing, as taught by certified climbing ...

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    1 Day

    Learn the art of controlled descent down a rock face using a rope, in this rappelling adventure with our experienced and ...

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