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About Company!

We are an international team dedicated to make easier the life of every traveler from hitchhikers, budget tourists, family vacations and luxury experience seekers.

Our job is to make every service we provide a perfect experience for our clients, so that there is always a feeling of peace, fun, safety and friendship so that you trip in Mexico is unforgettable with a new surprise in every new place you visit.

Free Walking Tour Mexico is an organised group of guides, managers, administrators, IT engineers and publicists from many countries and even though we are based in the main cities of Mexico we are still trying to grow to more cities and more activities to always have something new to offer you.

We believe in honest working and we try to offer the best option to our clientes with  wide variety of services so they can choose the best option without falling in tourist traps or unsafe or uncomfortable situations.

We are always happy to help.

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  • Private Tours Operator in: Mexico City

  • Languages spoken by our guides: English

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July 2021
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