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Get a local Frankfurt guide from tourHQ to help you discover the chocolate box of half-timbered treats on Romer Square, or the shiny skyscrapers and offices of one of Europe’s financial kingpins.

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Frankfurt is most certainly a city of two halves. On one side sit the shimmering edifices of Euro economics, towering high in masses of steel and chrome; on the other are the half-timbered homes and rustic taverns of old Hesse-Nassau, a perfectly preserved image of historic Germania. Given that the town is host to one of the largest airports on the continent, it’s hardly surprising that it also hails in as one of Germany’s most visited, with most of the tourists heading straight for the charming cobble ways of the Altstadt. Centred on the architectural chocolate box that is Römer Square, this wonderful array of winding alleys and streets throws up sights like the Römerberg and the Gothic Dom St Bartholomaus, hearty beer halls and rowdy kneipen (traditional pubs) awash with the region’s famous apple wine along Fressgass (the famous eating street). In the new side of town the Hauptwache beats with action, trodden by many a banker and investment clerk, the great Börse building (the city’s stock exchange) looming nearby. And once you’re done gawping at the skyscrapers and sampling the products of the region’s orchards, it’s time to hit the museums, of which there are plenty, and where Frankfurt tour guides show off everything from natural history to the likes of Warhol and Liechtenstein!

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