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Baltic beaches, rolling Slavic forests and the stone-clad walls of old Tallinn all await adventurers in Estonia; an up-and-coming gem of Eastern Europe that’s best explored with a tourHQ guide.

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Once considered to be one of the untapped touristic destinations in the European east, the nation of Estonia has opened up in the last decade with economic flight connections and new links with Latvia in the west. Now, its kaleidoscope of gothic castles and onion-domed churches is ripe for the taking, while hikers and bikers are beginning to flock here for the beaches, woods and sprawling wetlands closer to the coast.
Without question the most popular spot in the country is the medieval capital city of Tallinn, where labyrinthine passageways and small cobbled squares play host to a legendary café culture all day long. The nightlife is fast becoming famous too, and there’s plenty of basement bars and super clubs for the party-hungry traveller. Away from the capital the student city of Tartu offers another fantastic city visit, not to mention great access routes to the budget ski resorts nearby.
The coastal gems of the North Sea are also major pulls, and anyone interested in experiencing the natural wonders of the country should be sure to ask their Estonia tourist guide for tips on the hiking trails near Haapsalu and Parnu.

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