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Join the indigenous peoples who stroll the cobbled lanes of Bolivia’s beautiful White City. A town of aged cottages and interesting museums, Sucre is best explored with a local guide from tourHQ.

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Despite being the poorest country in Latin America, Bolivia’s thriving town of Sucre is enchantingly tranquil and a driving force of tourism to this landlocked country. While the city continues to grow amidst a progressive museum and art scene, historic grounds, and government buildings, these attractions are just a happy side effect of a vacation spent in Sucre. Known as the white city, its’ sparkling white buildings and terracotta rooftops elicit a universal serenity throughout the town, while its’ Catholic churches are as numerous as they are voluminous.
With approximately 60% of Sucre’s population being indigenous to the city, locals welcome visitors with sincerity to their colorful markets and beautifully landscaped plazas.  The surrounding valleys add to the natural calmness, and any knowledgeable Sucre tour guide can lead you through the picturesque surroundings with ease. Note that while the majority of Sucre locals speak Spanish, there are many less common languages used in different regions. Tourism centers and guides will know English as well. 

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