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Five Must-Visit Wine Destinations in Spain

Five Must-Visit Wine Destinations in Spain

If you love to travel and you love wine, Spain is the destination for you! With an entire country filled with amazing vineyards producing all different types of Spanish wine, it’s hard to decide where the best place is to go. To make the daunting search a bit more palatable, here are some of the top wine tours in Spain.

A Historical Favorite 

Jerez de la Frontera

Located in Spain’s Andalusia region, Jerez is known as the Sherry wine capital of the world. Before you skip over and read into the next destination, give Sherry a chance.

We’re not talking about the 5-dollar jug-o-Sherry that you can buy in the supermarket; this is the Sherry that was once Southern Europe’s most famous vino-export. A complex, fortified wine made from white grapes grown exclusively in the Jerez, Andalusia region- wine tours here are some of Spain’s most informative, historic and surprisingly delicious. Being directly on the southern coast during your Spain wine tour getaway isn’t the worst place to vacation either…

Jerez Sherry Wine

The best white wine regions in Spain


Rueda is both a village in the Valladolid province of Spain, as well as a specific title for the white wines grown in the Castile y Leon Community. A fruity white wine often compared with the flavors of Sauvignon Blanc, Rueda is cited by many as the best white wine of Spain. Thanks to the area’s climate and high-plateau locale, wines in this region have a distinct aroma and flavor that will undoubtedly win over all white wine lovers.

Spanish Rueda White Wine


A wine region in Spain’s Catalonia Community, Penedès is most famous for its production of Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wine). A must try for any wine lover touring Spain, Cava is Spain’s delicious answer to France’s champagne. With 95% of all Cava produced in the Penedès region, there’s no better spot to learn about the production and history of this famous Spanish wine. With other notable white wine varieties and some famous oak-aged red wines found here as well, there’s something for all wine lovers in this Catalonia region.

Penedes - Spot to learn history of Spanish wine

The best red wine regions in Spain!

Ribera del Duero

Located in the northern region of central Spain, Ribera del Duero boasts over 2,000 years of history producing famous reds, and constantly winning international awards and accolades. With a huge number of famous wineries found all throughout the region, Ribera del Duero is a must stop for all red wine lovers touring through northern Spain. Ask your Spanish wine tour guides in Ribera del Duero for a visit around the best bodegas and vineyards of the area and you will be shown around Bodegas Vega Sicilia (home to Spain’s most expensive wine), Bodegas Alion and Bodegas Tinto Pesquera.

Ribera del Duero

Spain’s Most Famous Wine Region

La Rioja

Located in north central Spain, La Rioja is the country’s most famous wine destination. Specifically known for its production of red wines, no Spain wine tour is complete without visiting this prominent region. With over 57,000 hectares of vineyards producing 250 million liters of wine a year (predominantly red), it’s hard to pass over La Rioja. With three specific sub regions each producing a unique version of Rioja wine, the bodegas, wineries and wines to be visited and tasted are seemingly endless.

La Rioja Wine Region

Whether looking to visit the most famous wineries of Spain or its small, family owned and operated bodegas, you can find them all in the five listed regions above. Enlist the guidance of a knowledgeable Spanish guide to show you around some of the best, and have the most full-bodied Spanish wine experience possible.

Credits: DSC_0048 by Torpe CC BY; Jerez by Ignacio Palomo Duarte CC BY; Aperitivo by Jonathan Rubio H. CC BY; I un bon vi per acompanyar el peix by daniel julià lundgrenCC BY-SA; Young wine by Josep Ma. Rosell CC BY; Ribera del Duero Wines by Francisco Gonzalez CC BY; La Rioja-Briones desde el Museo del vino by juantiagues CC BY-SA