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About Spain

The epitome of European passion, Spain is as a spirited nation indescribable with just words. Food fills the country’s cultural heart and wine runs through its’ vein, around which all who visit gather. Meats and seafood fill the platters on every table, but rich tapas fill diners’ stomachs with infectious flavors before a main course could even come to light. Recipes tend to be as traditional as they are exciting, and an indulgence in the local cuisine will quickly change from a right of passage to a favorite activity. And that’s before you try the local wine!

Once your hunger is satiated, any good Spain private guide will encourage a city walk to fully indulge in the cities’ architecture. The streets and museums of Spain read like the highlights of your old art history textbook, enticing even the least art enthused visitors. Regardless of the activity, serenity finds exuberance in this western European country, and tourists leave with an unexpected jolt of love for its’ people, culture, and charm.