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Barcelona! Touring Spain’s Famous Catalonian City

Barcelona! Touring Spain’s Famous Catalonian City

Barcelona is unarguably Spain’s most interesting and captivating city. This unique Spanish metropolis is renowned for its culture, history, sites, beaches, modernity, food and unmistakable energy.

There’s always something new and exciting to be found around every corner, making Barna one of both Spain and Europe’s must-visit destinations.Whether you’re coming for the art, the Catalan experience (one of two languages spoken in Barcelona), its otherworldly architecture, outrageously good food or the famous football scene- Barcelona has it all.

What to Visit and Do?

Take a walk down Las Ramblas Street

Las Ramblas BarcelonaThough not the most picturesque destination of the city, you can get a feel for Barcelona’s energy and attraction strolling down this pedestrian walkway. Home to some great shopping, food, entertainment, cafés and bars, this is a must for all first-time visitors.

Tour the arts

MACBA Barcelona art museumHome to the Picasso Museum, Salvador Dali Museum, Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and many more- this city has art running through its veins.

The Beaches

Barceloneta Beach, BarcelonaLocated along the Mediterranean coastline, Barcelona has over 4 kilometers of (extremely crowded) beaches. Though you may have to search for a sliver to relax on, visiting the city’s beaches is another iconic experience that all lovers of sun and sand should have.

Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou BarcelonaBarcelona is home to one of Spain and Europe’s most celebrated football teams. Barcelona FC is based out of the Camp Nou Stadium, where nearly 100,000 diehard fans come to watch their favorite team play every year.

Famous Quarters, Districts and Plazas

Plaça Reial, BarcelonaFrom the cultural hub of El Born to the world-famous Bario Gotico (Gothic Quarter of Barcelona), there are certain sections of the city that simply must be explored and experienced. Home to some gorgeous buildings dating back to Barcelona’s medieval times, Bario Gotico also boasts remnants and walls from ancient Roman settlements and has an amazing old Jewish Quarter as well. If you’re looking to catch the city’s hip, modern side, check out the bars, restaurants and packed cafés of El Born. Ready to move into the nightlife scene? Head to Barcelona’s Placa Reial for the city’s best clubs and party atmosphere. Find the top Barcelona guided tours to take you through these iconic corners of this Catalonia capital.

The Architecture

Gaudi architecture BarcelonaArchitecture and Barcelona go hand in hand… Why is that?

The canvas of Catalan modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is home to some of the world’s most unique and visually stunning buildings. From Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece Sagrada Familia (a church started in the late 19th century that he worked on his entire life) and his amazing Park Guell (a park with amazing city views, decorated in gorgeous, colorful mosaics) to his remarkable Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, his iconic works can be found all over the city. No visit to Barcelona is complete without touring the architectural wonders of Gaudi.

The Food

World Famous TapasWhen it comes to Spanish food, Barcelona is very different from the rest of the country. Being the hub of Catalonia, there is an abundance of fresh seafood, vegetables, pork (Serrano ham is a must try) and also some seriously hearty, filling dishes. On the other hand, no visit to Barcelona is complete without trying out the world-famous tapas. So from breakfast to dinner, make sure you get the full-on Barcelona food experience.

The Views

Tibidabo Church at Tibidabo HillBoth Montjuic and Tibidabo Hill have some amazing sites within their high-peak grounds, as well as unbeatable views of the city down below. Montjuic hill is home to the historic Montjuic Castle and unique Poble Espanyol Village (a very cultural visit), and Tibidabo hill is home to the Sagrat Cor Church and Tibidabo amusement park (a great spot for families with young kids).

With ancient and modern history soaked into the city’s grounds and endless sights, sounds, flavours and activities for visitors of all ages, Barcelona is truly one of Europe’s most iconic visits. Find a top Barcelona tour guide to get the most out of your unforgettable Spanish holiday.

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