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About Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities on everyone’s mind: you’re either figuring out how to get there for the first time or how to return. An ancient seaport city mystic in its blue Mediterranean hues, Barcelona maintains a crisp temperature year round and in turn, a flourishing air. It’s never a bad time to visit - the flavors, people and architecture are as vibrant as ever.  
Tourist guides to Barcelona can do no wrong - there is simply something for everyone here, and it takes a special kind of traveler to leave disappointed. Gothic cathedrals and Gaudi’s masterpieces will have you gaping during the day, while the booming nightlife and inspired dining scene keep you sleepless by night. The fact that Catalan culture remains romantic by its very definition is lost by no one in this city, and its charm seeps into every aspect of the day-to-day lifestyle of the Barcelonés. They’re quick and stylish but wayfaring at the same time, as only people from the #1 beach city in the world (National Geographic) can be. 

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