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A Guide to Macau’s Endless Entertainment!


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Visitors aren’t going to Macau for a sleepy retreat; they’re going for one thing, and one thing only: supercharged entertainment! Having surpassed Las Vegas as the world’s biggest gambling destination, Macau has more than won the world’s attention. Now with over 22 million tourists visiting the city annually, Macau has settled itself nicely in the top of the world’s richest cities. Where to go and what to do when visiting this world-class entertainment destination? Here’s our Macau Guide to having a fantastic time!

Casino Hopping!!

Visiting the Casinos and gambling are by far two of the most popular things to do in Macau, and if you skip out on even looking inside its casinos, you’ve missed the point. External facades of freshly anointed hotels (with many more coming up all the time!) enthrall with their bright lights and architectural splendour, beckoning one and many inside their opulent interiors to play the tables or simply experience the casino side of the city. Even if you’re not interested in blowing your hard earned money on red, Macau’s casinos have a number of other attractions that can keep visitors entertained. Gone are the days when children were not allowed into the lobbies of the casino based hotels; amusement parks, shopping centers, romantic canal rides (the Venetian, of course) and live entertainment shows ensure there’s something to keep the entire family pleasantly occupied.


A Captivating History and Culture

Explore the historical side of the city at the Macau Museum, a great way to learn some new facts about the former Portuguese colony. Situated inside a 16th century fort, the museum has everything from history, folk and contemporary exhibitions, to paintings, ceramics, photographs and other important Macau artifacts. Other great museums like the Grand Prix Museum, Macau Wine Museum and Taipa Houses Museum make for some good visits.

Ready to explore the outdoor sites of Macau? The Senado Square area is a great place to start, with its colonial architecture, traditional Portuguese paved areas and Saint Dominic’s Church (all part of the UNESCO claimed “historic center of Macau”). Also within the UNESCO site are the nearby 16th century ruins of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, one of the city’s most famous icons. Other lovely attractions are the A-Ma Temple (the oldest Taoist temple in the city) and the Fortaleza do Monte, one of the city’s main defence structures in the past.


Taking Entertainment to a Whole New Level

Keep your Macau entertainment and excitement levels high by making the Fisherman’s Wharf your next stop. A theme park located near the Macau pier, this area recreates many of the worlds most famous port towns, from Amsterdam and Venice to Miami and New Orleans. Shop, eat, ride and cheer along as shows, performances, restaurants and live replicas keep you traveling the world.

Yet more exciting times are assured at the Macau Tower.  Three hundred and thirty eight meters high, this city icon towers beautifully over the surrounding waters, offering spectacular panoramic views of the bustling city below. Also home to theatres, restaurants and shopping malls, the Macau Tower is anything but just a viewpoint. For the adrenaline junkies who are looking for a bit more excitement, the tower also offers the world’s second highest commercial bungee jump from 233 meters up… not too shabby!!

And then there’s the food!

A world-class city, Macau hosts a wonderful range of international cuisine; but the gastronomes of the world flock here for its excellent Portuguese cuisine, a delectable legacy from its past. In time, this has furthermore metamorphosed into a unique Macanese cuisine, a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese ingredients that blend into lip smacking dishes with unique flavors. Ask your Macau tour guide to take you to the local favorites to be assured of a delicious meal.

Whether you’re looking to hit the slots, spin the tables or shop, eat, and bungee jump ‘til your body, mind and wallets reach their fill, Macau can certainly deliver. With lavish hotels, restaurants, shopping, activities and all rounded endless entertainment options, Macau truly is one of the world’s most exciting destinations. 


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