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About Macau

Have you ever heard of Macau? Asia’s biggest gambling destination was also Europe’s first and last settlement in the Far East, and its heavy Portuguese influence is evident throughout the city. From architecture to cuisine and signage, Portugal’s 400-year administration over Macau gives it an irresistible appeal you won’t sense elsewhere. No tourist guide to Macau would leave out it’s status as one of UNESCO’s eminent World Heritage Sites, and its historic city center should be your first stop in town.
But despite its Portuguese ascendancy, most locals speak Cantonese and it might be helpful to learn a few key phrases while you’re here. Unsurprisingly, most internationals visit for the unrivaled gambling opportunities that abound and this Special Administrative Region of China even pulls in more casino revenue than Las Vegas. A few architecturally overwhelming casinos glow upon the Pearl Delta’s waters at night, dominating the skyline. In fact, the nearby island district Cotai harbors the world’s largest casino on its glittering strip.

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