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About Tampa

Home to Busch Gardens, Dinosaur World, The Florida Aquarium, and LEGOLAND, kids and adults of all ages flock to Tampa for its’ vast supply of theme parks and attractions. Partake in the seemingly endless opportunities for this exhilarating family fun, but your knowledgeable Tampa tour guide will also remind you of everything else the city offers.
Beyond the rollercoasters and zoo animals, Tampa boasts an interesting war history and currently houses the Armed Forces History Museum and a rare WWII ship, among many other pieces of America’s past. It was also an original mecca for USA-made premium cigars and continues to be a valued destination for golfers. Still, like most coastal towns, Tampa’s universal draw are its’ beaches. Averaging approximately 361 days of sunshine, the white-sand shoreline of Tampa is a revered vacation spot for relaxation and water. Running along the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa’s beaches are ideal conditions for sunbathing, water sports, and dolphin or manatee sightings! 

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