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About Boston

Home to USA’s original post office, first public school, and the Revolutionary War’s tea party, Boston is the heart of blue-blooded American pride. The Freedom Trail’s marked red path through downtown takes visitors to 17 historical sites, offering an engaging tour for foreigners and natives alike. While their public transportation runs 5 different lines through downtown and its’ outer extremities, Boston is a city for walking. Whether it’s a jaunt through Faneuil Hall’s markets, shopping on Newbury Street, people watching in Harvard Square, or a stroll along the bustling Charles River, your Boston tour guide would advise you to do it on foot.
Boasting dozens of world-renowned colleges and hospitals, and an affluent commercial population, this city is a cultural hub. The nightlife is vibrantly rowdy, overflowing with comedy, music, and watering holes galore, but the citywide 2am bar closing time keeps the raucous in check.  Despite its’ wealth of international cuisines, classic staples like the Samuel Adams brewery, New England clam chowder, and an unearthly devotion to their sports teams are what keep the city so authentically Boston.

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