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About Boise City

With a population of just 1,300, Boise City is often overlooked. But what it lacks in size and trendiness, it makes up for in small town charm. Founded in 1908 by two men who created brochures falsely depicting the town as an elegant , established municipality, even the origin of Boise City offers an intriguing narrative. Though the developers were sent to prison for fraud, the population grew and eventually transformed the barren land into the lively neighborhood it was originally said to be.
Located on the handle of Oklahoma, Boise City is less than an hour drive to Colorado, Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico. A close proximity to such destinations has made it a common stop on many road-trippers’ journeys, but a Boise City tour guide will lure you to visit the town’s best attractions before moving on. The Cimarron Heritage Center features a step through the city’s history, with restored village buildings and countless hands-on artifacts ranging from the Dust Bowl era to war-time relics.  It is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking a break from his or her hometown’s hustle and bustle.

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