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About Bovec

With its traditional Austro-style chalets and Slovenian taverns alongside the striking Kluze Fortress and a sobering WWI cemetery, Bovec is charming. That said, the town also doubles up as one of the best off-the-beaten-track adventure destinations in all of Europe. Hidden in a wide cleft of the Julian Alps, its soaring peaks of craggy stones and snow-topped summits above the clouds and the meandering courses of the Soca River below have been the testing ground for many a walking boot and zipline, raft and canoe, ski pole and salopette! Bovec tour guides are at hand offering outdoorsy packages, be it to hike the trails on the Kanin mountains, cycle around the Vrsic pass, go canyoning in the Susec Gorge or take a long nice gulp of fresh mountain air in the rugged valleys of the Triglav National Park, just to name a few.

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