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Claudio was an excellent guide. As assistant guide for our trek, he was a calm and steady influence, always making sure that the hikers at the back ... More more right

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Karlos Torres is an expert guide, extremely knowledgeable about the Peruvian Amazon. He led my group on a seven-mile hike, which proved for many to ... More more right

Review for Karlos Torres, Tour guide in Puerto Maldonado, Peru

My guide Juan Miranda, made my trip to Peru. He looked after every detail while I was there, from hotels, to eating out, transport and the best kept ... More more right

Review for Juan Antonio Miranda Campo, Tour guide in Puerto Maldonado, Peru

About Puerto Maldonado

Wild and exotic, Puerto Maldonado is looked upon as the gateway to the Amazon Basin of Peru. Most visitors come here on their way through to the famous jungle lodges and riverside reserves in Iquitos and nearby Tambopata. Yet, other travellers unwind in the laidback town, making use of its well-developed accommodations and offerings of excursions into the wilds abounding with unusual species of flora and fauna. As any Puerto Maldonado tourist guide will tell you, it’s also home to an array of interesting colonial sights, most clustered around the bustling central square of Plaza de Armas, while the famous Monkey Island and towering town Obelisk are also worth a visit. What’s more, step behind the ramshackle façade of tooting bikes and inner-city shacks, to be treated to a lively nightlife scene and plenty of Amazonian-style eateries, where it’s possible to sample juices of exotic fruits never seen elsewhere, as well as the novel regional ceviche – raw river fish doused heavily in lime juice. 

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