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Sumit helped me a lot during my time in far west Nepal! He was always very helpful and really friendly! Sumit knows a lot about the region regarding ... More more right

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About Nepalganj

Conveniently located on perhaps the only part of flat land in all of Nepal, Nepalganj is a lively hodgepodge of cultural backgrounds, from the Indians that have settled here across from Uttar Pradesh in the south, to the native Nepalese that coexist harmoniously in this bubbling little pandemonius city.
Like everywhere else in this small and awesomely wild country, Nepalganj is just a short stone’s throw from an astounding area of natural beauty. In this case, it’s the great Bardia National Park that lurks beneath the forest canopies just to the north—one of the prime one-horned-rhino and Bengal tiger spotting territories in the whole world.
Back in town and there’s still the bubbling central market bazaar to explore, the ubiquitous smattering of kaleidoscopically coloured temples to take in, and the interesting mix of lively locals to converse with. Oh, and be sure to ask your Nepalganj tour guide about taking a trip to the nearby border crossing with India—an eye-opening and enlightening little excursion if there ever was one.

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